Beware of this buyer... He's trying to get over on people...

Beware of Buyer Stanley Matthew M.

This man does not want to pay for the work you do, and he will insult you in the process of trying to tell you he's not going to pay. This is the guy who claims to have a better mastery of English than I do, but his profile reads differently. It says:
"I enjoy, appreciate and very passionate about Digital and Social Marketing. I Have a good taste and understanding in the areas of SEO, Drupal, Research, Growth Hacking, Digital Marketing Strategy, Mobile Marketing, Competitor Analysis, Pitching, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Multi-variate Testing, Project Management, Consumer Insight Research, Branding, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Analytics, PPC, Landing page Design, A/B Testing, Key word research, Link Building, Marketing Communications, BTL and ATL"

["I enjoy, appreciate and very passionate about..." He's missing the last verb in the series there. Oh, and Mr. Grammar superior capitalized "have" in the sentence, and it's not the first word of the sentence or part of a proper noun. But yet, he claimed he had more mature grammar than me. ]

This is the only example he used from what I wrote that he said was not good English:
"This is your first sentence;
'There are many tools you can adopt that will make it easy to reach your target audiences for your social media accounts'. Is this good English?"

Is it bad English? According to Mr. Grammar Superior who needed a freelancer to rewrite the poorly written original document, he knows more how to write well. But yet, he doesn't understand he contradicted himself when he called himself insulting my writing. Mr. Grammar Suprerior said,  "The work is very poor and beyond my expectations."

Very poor but beyond his expectations...  I told him three times to do the refund request, but he's too busy insulting my background and experience, and he's also too busy making borderline racial comments about getting Africans to do the job (as if to say their writing is inferior but better than mine at least) that he can't do the refund request to end this.  

He was soo busy insulting to the point where I saw it for what it was: he wants to get away with not paying for this $60 job. I saw it coming even before I finished the job. Any time a buyer states very different guidelines after you've submitted the work--but they didn't mention all these guidelines in this way prior to you starting on the work--they just don't want to pay. My hourlie says I sometimes combine sentences when I rewrite material. But he tells me he wants me to keep each individual sentence after I've turned the completed work in. Mind you, he never specifically told me what parts to correct. He only mentioned the first sentence that I posted here; and contrary to what he said, there was nothing wrong with that first sentence. He said I was being arrogant in my response to his first derogatory comment. I told him he was lying about the work because I know better concerning how I write. 

He was mad because I said I was going to report him because I felt like he was trying to scam me, and he really got insulting after that. He called me ignorant and said it must be how I was raised. He made a comment about the African people he could get at the drop of a hat to write for him, and he bashed my profile and said I was an empty wagon making a lot of noise. This is all because he wants a refund. But he has yet to do the refund request after I have asked now 3 times. 

I'm a level 5 seller, so I know he's full of it... His language speaks con... I've seen it before. I can usually weed cons out, but this one showed his true colors when he made the comment about poor quality but beyond his expectations. That let me know his English language mastery is not all that great, and he's in no position to critique in an area where he definitely lacks the grammar skills. 

People who want free work tend to raise sand as a means to say they want the work for free. I see people doing that all the time--in grocery stores and with car dealerships.  But be mindful of this man. He claims to have had great writers in the past, but his profile shows he's hired some but only paid a few of them. And that's why he hasn't used any of the freelancers he's dealt with in the past more than once.  You can't use freelancers again that you got over on, right? 


This is absurd! 

What is the result? Did you already issue the refund?


The buyer has to request a refund now. We can't initiate refunds from our end anymore. I think he has yet to issue a refund because I said I was going to report his behavior.


The buyer got his refund. And after he got his refund, he still took more time to write another offensive comment. At this point, I'm like, "You already got what you wanted--a free $60 document--so what's your point in still talking. The fact that he wasted all this time to insult points to his lack of professionalism as a businessman and his immaturity.  I won't be surprised he takes the time to write yet another insulting comment. This is what he wrote this time after getting the refund he wanted:


This lady is a liar. The work she is delivered is available (evident). Total garbage. Within our communication, I explained to you that by calling me a scammer for critiquing your work, while I thought you were instead to edit provided you can meet the standards as was in the brief "Mature English". That was your 1st delivery and I did not expect it to be right either. 

All the communication are there for anyone of interest. It is clear, you are the one who is a scammer. You write rubbish to ignorant clients with little or no knowledge about writing for the web. How can an English teacher write such garbage? I suppose, your claim could be investigated because I wonder which American school will have a teacher of this caliber in an English classroom. What a disgrace to the school? Can some someone hear me out here and read through her write-up? I ain't making up anything. ( See our conversations)


As you can see, his English skills are very poor. He misuses commas like crazy, and he does not have a command of verb usage. But yet, this is the one who thinks he's in a position to talk about someone else's English skills. This is the one who said my writing was very poor and beyond his expectations in the same sentence--not realizing he contradicted himself by saying that. But yet, he claims to be Mr. Grammar Superior.  I laughed at this because I know better about my writing, and I think he's jealous because he can't write that well. 

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