Tire Kicker Warning: How To Spot Those Pests

Hello there!

As any freelancer here, you'll have to mess with these also: the tire kicker.

They drag the sales cycle on while hogging your time and resources without ever actually buying.

You know, the ones asking for "more detailed explanation" about how you'll solve their issue or request... they’ll happily steal your time asking questions, raising objections, and instilling us with false hopes.

See these simple "alarm rising" hints:

- With no budget (and deposit), no hope. 

If they can’t give you a reasonable range (or a range at all) then you could be dealing with a tire kicker.

- Beware of time suckers:

These ones will steal as much of your time as possible, asking tons of questions about your service, hear about every feature, take a peek at the roadmap, and talk integrations.

Be firm and keep them on track.

-No timeline to purchase?

Just like with budget, if they can’t give you an idea of their timeline to purchase, it means they aren’t serious buyers.

- "Weirdness Arises"

If you have established, validated former clients, then you’ll be able to spot when someone you don’t ‘recognize’ comes strolling into your pipeline. Time for some heavy qualification to uncover whether you’ll be able to help them.

- "No Free Lunch, Period."

You have to make sure you’re not just giving away consulting time to someone who will never, ever convert.


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