Genuine Profile Picture (Again) - Does this apply on ALL members, or are there exceptions?



  • Paul

    It's a weird rule for a business marketplace, As a seller I'm running a business selling services, I am NOT selling myself as an employee nor am I being hired as one.

    And I 100% do not want to depend on peoples impression of me from a face pic,  losing business because i'm not pretty to look at is just stupid,  this isn't celebrity fashion where my face is my brand it's business to business services.

    Having a face profile pic like this is facebook is really disingenuous and just creates an unhealthy notion.

    It just leads to mindsets&conversations treating sellers like they are employees but without any of the rights of an employee, when we are actually vendors with expertise providing a solution to be valued. It's very annoying to have to steer conversations back to that truth.

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  • Dani

    I totally agree with you guys, I've been asked the same and not feeling a bit interested in changing my image. Also, I find that is going against all the already proved bias contract pattern. If people don't know how the person looks like, they are more likely to be fairer when hiring the best candidate.

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