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    Hello Shiela.

    Thank you for your message. We have now reviewed your case and we have escalated it to our customer support team in order for us to resolve this case asap. 

    Make sure you provide them with your offer URL and we shall proceed with it.

    Thank you for your patience.

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  • Rizwan

    Hi I post a offers in different time and all of them wasn't post due to my offer wasn't pass on moderation review. I tried to edit in 4 to 5 times to be exact and followed their guidelines to pass and post my offer. Unfortunately always I received the same message that.uour post wasn't pass on moderation review. I tried to edit in 4 to 5 My question is do I violate any rules on pph offer policy? or what should I do to post my offer. Badly need a help on this issue, actually my patience is wearing thin now..Any answers is appreciated.

    Here is the Link below,


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  • Naing

    I'm pay 13$ , that I get?

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