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Not sure if this is a bug, or some sort of partial change.

Previously, when bidding for a project, you would get several messages and notifications which you can view straight away when clicking the messages icon (which contain the buyer protection messages etc).

Today, I receive the usual notification sound and "new message" on the title bar, however they no longer show within the messages app, and now have to go to Messages > View All > Projects to dismiss the notification, which can get very annoying.

Any ideas on a fix?

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Hello James.

You will be receiving a 'message notification' every time one of your buyers replies to your message or proposal. At the moment you received one for the project Stuck on an old version of Wordpress. 

There is a bug but not for the workstream messages but for the Projects under the streams, that yes you are correct. You have two notifications, one for the Stuck on an old version of Wordpress and one for the Web Expert WordPress. For the Web Expert WordPress, your buyer hasn't replied, therefore, you shouldn't be able to see it as a (1) and we will proceed and resolve this problem.

Thank you.

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