• Official comment

    Hello Tutor, Shivansh and Abdul,

    Thank you for your inquiries.

    I have created a ticket to our Customer Support Department regarding all of your matters. You will soon receive a response.

    Have a nice afternoon.

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  • Tutor

    Hello !

     I am new to peopleperhour and apply for new application.

    I know that something goes wrong with my applications.

    I am professor in university and i dont want to get trouble in university for new application in

    peopleperhour and during application i was trying to hide my real name,


    Please can you help me to resbumit with new application, because i found 

    very good job that i am too qualified to do that job. Pleasee,...

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  • Shivansh

    Help me please . My application is rejected third time .

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  • Abdul

    Forgot Security Question 

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  • Javeria

    please help me to guide how to resubmit my application, my application is rejected third time.

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