Vote - Original 15%-3,5% service fee VS new 20% Fee structure. Mohammed 451 comments 144 votes None
Penalize Hourlies with late deliveries Daisy 236 comments 97 votes None
Offer an Instant Messaging or Chat feature between Buyers and Sellers Jessica 213 comments 210 votes None
Live Chat Support with your support team It 122 comments 1 vote None
Are you happy to pay 10% deposit fees ? Bank transfer was free now is 5% Mohammed 42 comments 5 votes None
We Need an Open Forum!!!! Ann 35 comments 5 votes None
Pausing a bought hourlie Emily 32 comments 112 votes None
Go back to original hourlie thumbnail preview images Julian 29 comments 18 votes None
Allow for additional status of 'mutual cancellation' Benco 29 comments 30 votes None
Block users Kathryn 29 comments 24 votes None
Extortionate buyer transaction fees Alan 27 comments 4 votes None
Support telephone number Alex 26 comments 1 vote None
Feedback edit option. Mohammad 25 comments 89 votes None
As a Seller, My PPH Service Fee has Doubled. Michael 23 comments 1 vote None
Adding new payment method as Payoneer shopan 22 comments 33 votes None
Live chat support Fatima 20 comments 3 votes None
Vacation mode, and cert level should remain same anisa 20 comments 30 votes None
Contacting PPH Umais 19 comments 1 vote None
Add RSS Feed for new job postings. Don Talwar 19 comments 42 votes None
Offer the option to "book" an hourlie rather than "buy" it. Tincuta 18 comments 62 votes None
*** Share Your Opinions of The Clarification Board Here *** Joseph 16 comments 1 vote None
Proposal Credits being refunded Thomas 16 comments 10 votes None
Stop buyers from asking free sample's Pravallika 16 comments 36 votes None
Compelling clients to post complete job discriptions or at least require them to respond to follow-up and clarifying questions. James R. 15 comments 2 votes None
Changes to publishing of social media hourlies Sean 15 comments 1 vote None
Don't consider Endorsements on CERT calculation Andrea 15 comments 15 votes None
editable proposal Ross 15 comments 26 votes None
No PPH Mobile App - The Impact Dan 14 comments 5 votes None
Warning before changes to PPH are carried out Sabrina 14 comments 0 votes None
Offer bitcoins as a currency choice for payments Chris 13 comments 23 votes None
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