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How many proposals can I send in a month ?

At the beginning of every month all users are given 15 Proposal credits completely free.   

How do Proposal credits work?

For every Proposal sent (unless you are the very first Proposal for a particular Job) , 1 credit is used up even if the Buyer does not accept your Proposal.  

If you cancel a Proposal with a particular Buyer (for example because something is incorrect or you agree a slightly changed scope) and re-submit a new Proposal to the same Buyer in the same WorkStream it will not use up another credit.

Irrespective of how many credits you used up the previous month (whether 0, 1, 15, or anything in between) you will start the next month with an allocation of 15 credits again.

How can I get more credits?

You can always buy more credits than your free allocation by going to your Settings and within the General section clicking "Buy more" in front of the row Proposal Credits. Unlike the free allotment of 15 credits each month, credits that you buy do rollover each month if you don't use them.

Example of how Proposal credits work:

  • Designer Billy joins PPH on 5th April.  He immediately receives an allocation of 15 proposal credits for free.

  • Within his first few weeks Billy sends 10 proposals for Jobs. For one Job he was the very first person to send a Proposal. He is awarded 2 Jobs.

  • In total Billy used up 9 Proposal credits in April (because a credit isn't used if you are the first to submit a Proposal).

  • In May Billy starts with 15 new proposal credits again (the 6 unused credits in April do not rollover).

  • Billy is on a roll and sends 15 proposals within the first week of May. He is awarded 5 Jobs.

  • Billy completes the Jobs quickly and decides to buy a bundle of 25 more Proposal credits because he has used his free credits up..

  • Billy sends another 20 Proposals in May, and is awarded 6 more Jobs.

  • In total Billy used up his 15 free Proposal credits in May, plus 20 of his paid for credits.

  • In June Billy starts with a new allocation of 15 free credits plus 5 paid for Proposal credits (because paid for credits rollover).  In total Billy has 20 Proposal credits in June.


Featured Proposal

Featured Proposals are an optional way to maximise your chance of success on PeoplePerHour. Each time you feature a proposal, this requires a Featured Proposal Credit (in addition to a standard proposal credit). Read more about our featured proposals here.


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