Dispute as seller


I need to raise a dispute as seller. The buyer rejects my invoice and I have proof that the work is perfectly done.


Can you help me?




Official comment


Many thanks for your message.

I have opened up a ticket for you with our customer support team and someone will email you soon.

Please let me know if I can help you with anything else.


I am Bernie of PPH,

I have been working on a project for a Paul J.

He has been messing around since the beginning of the project.

When he first accepted the project I sent him message, which you can check.

He didn't give me any details as he went of on holiday. I waited for him to get back. Asking question and as he wanted a new font.. I did research and added screenshots of other Websites to give him ideas.


Some of the screenshots showed text... some of the screen shots showed colours.

He didn't get back straight away again he dragged the time on.

Eventually he gave me his login details, that didst work for me, but I tired another way and got in.

On checking his Website, it was not a simple font change, as the main theme had been overridden by using extra bit of code all over the website. a real mess it took me hours to find and start fixing the mess.

I also fixed broken links and the main navigation had errors, so I fixed that too.

I asked Paul about the background and he said he like white, so I changed it to white.. I also asked him about the colours of the website and he said.. I will leave that up to you.

I had already sent him the pdf's with screenshots of text and had the information that went with each website next to it.

I asked Paul about the information I had sent to him... he sent me a link and said he like a particular one, which you can check in the conversation.

The link was to the Website I added for font design, so I  used the font as a guide to changing all the text on his Website.

Which was not an easy challenge, as he must of had people or himself messing around adding code willy nilly.

I told him I was having issues, but I carried on and found all the problems, which took hours. Some pages had font code changes in single pages an nightmare, but I wanted to help, so fixed them all.

Paul had a major problem with some orange text and I found it eventually, but had to manually change the colour.. again just random colour changes.

I also had to change the font code for the main links. It was a really mixed up website with a jumble of mixed sized text.

Anyway, I did all the font changes and extra work to make the website work better.

I added a brown gold colour as Paul had said he would leave that up to me.

As the theme colours are mixed with a separate cart.. colour changes are not as simple either, but I spent a couple more hours getting a good contrast.

I sent Paul a message asking about did he like the colour at the time, he ignored the question and just said.. I want the orange text gone.

So I never asked again about the colour, as he had days to tell me.

After that he never got back to me, however, all the work was done.

I decided to send him a message about me sending the invoice.

This was the first time he got back to me instantly. Funny that

He went on to say you will sort the font, so its changes everywhere automatically. To which I said that the problem with his coding is nothing to do with the proposal I am working on and if he want to fix coding errors, he need to make a new proposal.

He then came back with I said I like this website and I don't like the colours etc...

Very convenient after it is all done.

He went on to say I should not speak to clients in such a way. I think I was very kind to such user... it was obvious to me looking back he was never going to pay.

I want paying for my time and he need to know that he cannot just scam people.. we are not slaves.

Please sort this problem.

I did many hours work. I should not be taken for a ride, he is not a good person. He is a scammer full of excuses.. the only person that has spent hours work time is me.








There's no point in me trying to work on here, if  people like Paul abuse the system. Too easy..  I should have known from his first comment.

I am new and he thought.. that's OK.

Please read and check all the work I did and comments sent, ( take notice of the delay to get answers back from him) plus use the Website history to see the changes and fixes I made.





How do I raise a dispute with someone who keeps going back and forth about the work I did for them. There was no accuracy rate given and I followed the instructions/guidelines given to me at start of job. This site needs to have more rules as this is the third time I have done work for someone and they always seem to find a loop hole somewhere to get out paying. I doubt I will use this site anymore until this problem is solved. I do not work for free.


When invoice is rejected you will have an option to raise dispute (Dispute fee will apply), you will fill a questionnaire and add attachments/proofs and wait approx 3 days.

Read more here : https://www.peopleperhour.com/static/terms > 7. Disputes

Happened to me once, a buyer wanted to torture me asking for unlimited revisions, and pretending we agreed payment for entire project rather than by milestone, he refused to pay for the first milestone (2/7 items delivered and accepted) and the reason was : if I pay you will abandon the project (the torture), I raised dispute many times and in the end money was split 50/50.



Hi Mohammad, How much is the dispute fee?

If the total payment for services is split 50/50 who pays the dispute fee?


it's written in the seller fees terms page :

If Seller decides to raise a dispute as per section 7, they are required to pay a non-refundable fee equal to 10% of the invoice or refund amount, subject to a minimum charge of £5 (or €7 or $8) per dispute.

you pay the fee, it's not always split 50/50, in my case they did it

They can refund the client, or release the money for you... read the terms page very well everything is explained there, if the buyer is not entitled to a refund then you will receive your money.



Thank you.

The buyer has only paid the deposit. So in my case I lose, even if I win.

That really gives you an incentive to work on PPH. Joke!

Thanks anyway



Why ?


Read the terms page well, and then raise dispute.

6.2 Job Refund policy

  • A Buyer is entitled to receive a refund of funds held in the Escrow Account excluding the refund fee as described in Section 8.1, under the following circumstances:

    a) no response: the Seller has not responded in the WorkStream within one (1) working day of the Commencement of the Job;

    b) non-delivery:

    1. for Hourlies, the Seller of an Hourlie did not deliver the scope of work within the delivery timescales indicated in the Hourlie.
    2. for fixed price or price per item Custom Jobs, non-delivery means agreed scope of work was not delivered within the agreed timescales;
    3. for per hour rate Custom Jobs no time has been spent.


    c) poor quality: with the exception of per hour rate Custom Jobs, the deliverables provided by the Seller do not meet the terms defined in Section 3.2 after at least two revisions have been provided by the Seller in response to detailed feedback from the Buyer; or

    d) the Seller lost a Dispute.


Yeah I am pretty much done here with PPH as this is the third time someone has done something similar. My opinion there is too many loop holes here that the person wanting the work done can use to get out of paying what they agreed to pay. When you follow their instructions to a T, turn in the work on time they still find something to complain about to get out of paying the remaining balance. I personally feel the whole agreed upon pay should be put in escrow and once the work is done it should be paid and then the burden of proof is put on them to get a refund instead of the other way around. I do believe this is why people are using PPH as it is happening more and more from what I have investigated and read. I as many others do NOT work for free and our time is money. These people are taking advantage of the system and it needs to be stopped. Good luck everyone, I will NOT do this anymore......


Good luck. I am waiting to see if I get paid for all the hours wasted working for a bad buyer.
If I don't I am off here too, I will never be able to trust the buyers or PPH. As my services are not free and having someone else decide if I get paid. Feels wrong. If I was not working on PPH the deposit would be in my bank not PPH.
At least I Would be collecting interest not PPH. They must do really well holding money in their account and then adding a fee for a dispute.
I don't think they should charge fees for disputes, they get enough money keeping peoples interest.


Both of you read , and read the terms page very well you will understand how PPH  protects you in similar cases, and how to deal with this kind of clients.

And there are loopholes from your side too, that client who refused to pay the invoice, I bombarded him with hundreds of invoices, and because any invoice will be auto paid within 7-15 days plus the client won't be able to reject trillions of invoices within 7-15 days I was able to receive my money, and I withdrew it very quickly...

Although the terms page states that once the money is released there is no way to dispute or ask for refund, but PPH asked me to return the money, and put a negative balance on my account, I returned the money and raised dispute money was split 50/50.

That client I worked with was a pure authentic rare genuine narcissistic pervert by excellence, her goal was to torture and enslave me...



I have just been through the dispute procedure following the clients rejection of my invoice, even though admin put a message in the worksteam saying the work was fully completed and the invoice could be raised.

I cost me £50 to raise the dispute and the invoice was for £500.

According to PPH I won the dispute and was paid the £250 in the escrow.

Prior to raising the dispute, PPH support sent me to a link which says :-

"If the funds held in Escrow don't cover the invoice amount, then PPH will contact your Buyer to arrange for payment immediately to avoid permanent suspension. "

I was informed that I had won the dispute and would be paid the £250 in escrow.

I of course questioned  this and was told:-

"when you raise a Dispute the amount disputed is only the amount under Escrow and that is the amount we dispute and come with a resolution. We cannot provide you with the full amount, not because we do not want but because the dispute process is regarding the funds under escrow. "

So I did all the work and should have been paid £500 but I ended up being paid £250 for £500 of work. To add insult to injury, PPH still took their 20% service fee so I was down to £200 and then there was the dispute fee of £50. In the end I received £150 for £500 of work.

Would anybody call this winning?

In reality I probably would have still been paid what was in the escrow so would have been £50 better off if I hadn't raised and "won" the dispute.

Apart from the fact that I "won" the dispute I didn't feel that the mediators investigated the dispute thoroughly as their reply stated that I was being paid because the job was cancelled by the buyer- which was never the case.All the work and more was done and could be checked in the workstream and attachments.

I have reason to believe the buyer is behaving in the same unscrupulous fashion with other sellers as none of the jobs he has awarded have any feedback and I have reported my concerns to support, but far from being suspended the buyer is still demanding further work be completed and has several jobs open for proposal.

I am very disappointed with the dispute system and the supports team's failure to provide answers. 



It's the same when you work with milestones, you will dispute the deposited amount, happened with me once money was split 50/50

PPH won't ever read details of any dispute, and I doubt if they dare to suspend a buyer (money source), I think they just improvise...

For me it's a win, on other platforms I used to give full refund to similar clients just to get rid of them, in reality I pay to erase these SPAMS from my existence.


Hi Mohammed

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

I guess I will just have to suck up my "win" of £150 for £500 of hard graft


let PPH enjoy the £100 they got out of this.

I so hope that other sellers will not be cheated by this unscrupulous buyer.

Have a great weekend



You too have a nice weekend, and don't worry you will recover the loss with other "honest" buyers...


Just wandering Mohammed.
Do you work for PPH?


sorry ?


I disagree with paying to get rid of spammers.
PPH should do that. People that do work should get paid for it and PPH should not benefit from people being used.
They should not make money if the seller makes non and if the seller gets half payment, due to the decision of PPH then they should take reduced commission.
We are not a charity.


To Mohammed....
Are you getting paid to answer comments?
Do you work for PPH?
Why do you answer peoples comments all the time?


I just try to help other sellers like me, this is community forums do you have any problem with that ?

Been like 2 years doing it, I remember once I posted a question and it took 10 days to receive response...don't want others to experience same thing.


Thank you both for your interest and for taking the time to comment.

I didn't realise how little the community communicated until I had a problem and searched for community advice.

I have taken this on board and will definitely try harder to help other members of our community and I hope that by sharing my dispute experience it will help others and save them money :)

I do hope that we manage to increase community participation generally.

Wish you both a great weekend



PPH is going from bad to worse in recent times.

No customer support. Just generic replies without giving any actual solution and so many spammers as buyers have joined this platform.

And I have been on this platform for more than 4 years with over 25k+ earnings but I am sorry to say but i won't recommend it to anyone now!!

Hope these guys wake up before its too late.

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