Paypal Delay - again

So, Paypal withdrawals didn't occur Friday.

We've asked for information - no reply.

We've contacted support - no reply.

And again, looks like no payment today, Monday.

Any humans reading this?


Official comment


Thanks for your messages

Our Products team informed us about a temporary glitch on our system that it seems to have been resolved now. 

Please let me know if I can help you with anything else.

I have received nothing and no communication

anyone confirm that its not holiday in UK as its in USA as its Presidents' Day so may be bcs of holiday its delay withdraw?

as i also send request last night on payneer but still dont receive it as normally i receive within few hours if i send before 4pm my local time. 

Nope its not a holiday here - plenty of us in the same boat.

And I doubt very much any humans are reading this. If they were they would realise there's a major issue that needs sorting.

And the sending out a message would be helpful

hmm anyone else facing the same problem?

this is first time or this happens regularly?


It's not infrequent, put it that way.....

It happened back in November to me - that time it was a technical glitch. But it always seems to be on a friday. That was exactly 12 weeks ago.

I suspect this is a money making exercise. They can make money in interest from the held back funds. 

But then, I am kind of cynical.

I seem to remember it was 2 or 3 days last time?

I think we were finally paid on the wednesday. - but that time it was a major technical glitch with refunds and payments all over the place.

Yes, that was a good one! I think at one point their software was adding new money to your account!

There is other posts are coming in email on same issue there are many others that have same issue, i think in these situations they must post update on issue so everyone can wait and dont panic, 

We don't panic as much as get annoyed! :-)

no Joe i am not pointing anyone here, there are other posts emails i receiving about these delays, 

This is frustrating. Waiting for my withdrawal to be processed since Friday Morning.

Nothing yet...

They should add emojis in these chat messages. So we can show those red faces properly. :(

It is annoying, but at least we are all in the same situation so we know It is an issue at there end. Hopefully they will make an announcement 

The response I got on Friday when I first raised the issue was that they had an unexpectedly high number of withdrawals, which caused the delay. Suresh told me that my withdrawal to Payoneer will be processed on Monday. Nothin yet...

well - either automate the system, pay for overtime or employ more people. Oh, and send us a message so we know what is happening. Its pretty simple.

Just an update I had an email from Suresh advising payments will be made today

Thanks Adam - nothing from anyone for me.

I just put my repeat work with PPH clients on hold until I get paid - fortunately I have other folks outside PPH who are regular clients.

Let's keep our fingers crossed!

lol Adam with respect, every time i get a response from Suresh is not helpful as i believe he is not senior support team and he gives general replies. So if he say payment will be made today then iam not sure it will be.  

If there was a technical fault they should have just sent out a message to everyone to explain - on Twitter would do.

And as far as receiving extra credits - they are no good to me. I want my fees refunded.

As in Suresh reply he is still not sure that problem is solved, he dont say problem is solved so iam not sure it will be resolved soon.

anyone can check in there account as now i check my withdraw pending money was goes back to my my available money to withdraw, and pending withdraw has vanished from the transaction, 

i send again withdraw request now again to see if its working and now again i receive email for withdraw request and again its showing as pending. 

Thank I just seen that and withdrawn again

I have noticed my deposit fees for Friday have been approved

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