Paying invoices

When the Seller has finished the job, they will raise an invoice to you for payment.  This invoice will appear in your WorkStream and you will also receive an email notification.  If there is money in Escrow, paying this invoice will involve confirming the release of those funds to the Seller.  If the Escrow funds are not sufficient to cover the invoiced amount then you will be asked to also complete payment with the payment method of your choice for the remaining amount.

If the Seller has mistakenly raised the invoice for the incorrect amount, or if the job has not been completely finished, then you can reject the invoice by using the drop down menu on the invoice in the WorkStream, and let the Seller know why.



  • Invoices need to be paid (or rejected if incorrect) within 7 days for Hourlies and 15 days for Jobs. 
  • Make sure that you are happy with the work delivered before you confirm release of payment.

Please note: Once a payment has been released by a buyer to the seller, the funds are not retrievable since they are no longer in the safety of the escrow. 



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