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Raising an invoice

Once you have completed the agreed work on the project or offer to receive payment you just need to raise an invoice to ask the Buyer to release the deposit funds from Escrow and pay any remaining balance.

  1. Go to the WorkStream with that Buyer.

  2. At the bottom, click Raise Invoice.


    A couple of points to note:

    • You can only raise an invoice in a WorkStream where you have had a proposal accepted by a Buyer.  If you missed that step then raise your Proposal to your Buyer first and ask them to accept it.

    • If you are raising an invoice for an offer you have delivered please note that you can only raise your invoice for the price of the offer i.e. the agreed purchase price.

    • If you haven't already, you will need to fill out your bank details and address under Settings > Payments

  3. Fill out the invoice form and click Send.

  4. Screen_Shot_2018-02-09_at_14.58.47.png

    • Your invoice will appear on the WorkStream and your Buyer will be notified by email.

    • Your Buyer is asked to pay your invoice within 7 days.

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