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PPH would like to announce that Sellers can now withdraw funds from their PPH wallet to a Payoneer card.

This has been a major feature request by the PPH community for some time now. So those of you who already own a Payoneer card, you can finally use it whenever you withdraw your earnings from PPH. For those who don’t have a Payoneer card yet, you can order a new card through our site following a few, simple steps and start enjoying fast, secure international payments.

Whatever the case, you just need to go to your Settings page, click on “Payments”, then “Edit” next to “Withdrawal Accounts” and click to add a Payoneer account to your PPH account. Login to your Payoneer account if you already have one or complete the steps needed to order a new Payoneer card.

Payoneer empowers global commerce by connecting businesses, professionals, countries and currencies with its innovative cross-border payments platform. With Payoneer’s fast, flexible, secure and low-cost solutions, businesses and professionals in both developed and emerging markets can now pay and get paid globally as easily as they do locally.

The Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard® Card enables professionals to receive their payments within minutes. Benefits include:

  • Quick – access to cash in hand within 1 hour of receiving a payout

  • Easy Sign Up – no bank account required

  • Make purchases – online, in stores, and at ATMs worldwide – wherever MasterCard® is accepted

  • Global coverage – supported in more than 200 countries and multiple currencies.

  • Safe and secure – prepaid card cannot be used without funds available, no overdraft fees

  • Fully supported multilingual customer support available via telephone, live chat, and e-mail

You can find the cost of the transaction for the Payoneer option and compare it with the other withdrawal methods in the list of Seller Fees mentioned here.

Specifically for our Sellers in India, we have introduced the option to withdraw GBP funds to a Payoneer account which lets you get paid directly to your local bank account in your local currency. 

Payoneer’s global banking network enables you to get funds to a local bank in your country, significantly reducing the cost of getting paid and avoiding delays.

Steps to try out this new option:

Go to Settings > Payments , click ‘Edit’ next to ‘Withdrawal Accounts’, then ‘Payoneer Account’, select the ‘GBP’ currency and click the “ADD ACCOUNT” button. In the next screen select the ‘Bank Transfers’ option and complete the rest of the registration steps.

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