Buyer Guide

Buying top freelancer services on PeoplePerHour can't be simpler! Here's your quick starter guide:


  1. To make a quick start and perhaps even try a Seller out, browse Hourlies and purchase any services that you need in an easy bitesize and pre-packaged form for fast delivery. 
  2. For larger pieces of work, you can post a Job to specify your requirements and quickly start receiving custom proposals from top available Sellers; alternatively browse freelancer profiles and directly send specific Sellers details of your custom Job.
  3. When selecting a Seller to work with check out their profile to see what experience and reputation on PPH they have.
  4. Once you have chosen to accept a proposal from a Seller, or you have purchased an Hourlie, you will be asked to deposit funds into the Escrow account so that the Seller can get started. For custom Jobs this will be the agreed deposit amount defined in the proposal; for Hourlies, the money you pay into the Escrow account is the total purchase price. 
  5. When working with a Seller make sure to follow the Rules of Engagement, and always record communications in the WorkStream to keep track of what has been discussed and agreed.
  6. When you are happy that the Job has been done complete payment to the Seller by paying their invoice, which will include releasing any funds from the Escrow account.  You can then also leave the Seller feedback on how you think they did.
  7. For follow-on work with the same Seller simply discuss with them your needs and ask them to send you another proposal; all directly from the same WorkStream.
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