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Canceling a project after accepted proposal

Most of the time Projects progress smoothly and as expected but we understand that occasionally circumstances can change and it may be necessary to cancel a Project.

After accepting a proposal, you may request a cancellation but please ensure that you do the following:

  • You must notify the Freelancer of the cancellation by placing a message in the corresponding WorkStream.
  • Alternatively, if there are funds in the Escrow Account and you believe you are entitled to a refund (see Section 6.2 of our T&Cs) you can request a refund. This typically applies when:
    • the freelancer has not responded to a question in the WorkStream within 1 working day
    • the freelancer has not completed work within agreed timescale
  • in this case, you can notify the Freelancer of the cancellation by requesting a refund using the “Request Refund” action on the WorkStream.
  • if you (the Buyer) fails to notify the Freelancer in the WorkStream that you wish to cancel the project and the project is subsequently completed, you must pay for the service delivered in accordance with our terms and conditions.
  • You should agree with the Freelancer in the WorkStream what payment is necessary for any work completed (or time spent, if it is a per hour project).

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