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Funds have left Escrow

At PeoplePerHour you only pay for a completed project:  

  • for offers or fixed price custom projects, projects completed are when the agreed deliverables have been provided and checked

  • for a custom project where you have agreed to pay for the freelancers time by the hour, project completed is when the time has been spent by the Freelancer.   

So that you don't have to pay any money to the Freelancer before a completed project we provide an Escrow account where funds can be held. More about escrow here.

Only pay your Freelancers invoice and release funds from Escrow when you are happy that the project is completed to the buyer's satisfaction.

Unfortunately, if you have mistakenly paid money out to the Freelancer before the work has finished, or if you are no longer happy with the work that was delivered you will not be able to follow the standard steps to request a refund because the funds are no longer held in Escrow by PeoplePerHour.

However, we recommend that you contact your Freelancer on the WorkStream to explain why you are seeking a refund.

In many cases, Freelancers will look to work with you to resolve the issues and may even agree to a refund if they can't. 

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