Offer bitcoins as a currency choice for payments Chris 13 comments 23 votes None
Pausing a bought hourlie Emily 32 comments 112 votes None
Job Proposal Rejection Heather 12 comments 51 votes None
Feedback edit option. Mohammad 25 comments 89 votes None
Adding new payment method as Payoneer shopan 22 comments 33 votes None
Add Payoneer Emilio 9 comments 19 votes None
Compulsory for clients to indicate min - max budget - like other sites are doing Quadarc 4 comments 12 votes None
Allow for additional status of 'mutual cancellation' Benco 29 comments 30 votes None
Display time zone next to hourlie's city Patrick 8 comments 16 votes None
editable proposal Ross 15 comments 26 votes None
Block users Kathryn 29 comments 24 votes None
Have PPH's contact details easy to find Love Travel 11 comments 22 votes None
Add RSS Feed for new job postings. Don Talwar 19 comments 42 votes None
SMS message when i sell an hourlie or proposal accepted Francis 5 comments 17 votes None
Allow a buyer to award a seller a bonus Katie 8 comments 44 votes None
Offer the option to "book" an hourlie rather than "buy" it. Tincuta 18 comments 62 votes None
Add Client Verification Methods Deval 6 comments 14 votes None
Sellers Analytics Katie 7 comments 17 votes None
Make Feedback more User-Friendly - More Features Tee 13 comments 16 votes None
Penalize Hourlies with late deliveries Daisy 236 comments 97 votes None
Provide receipt of invoice including VAT and Processing Fees Mark 11 comments 27 votes None
Hourlie Add-on Enhancements Ben 8 comments 14 votes None
Offer an Instant Messaging or Chat feature between Buyers and Sellers Jessica 213 comments 210 votes None
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