Glossary: PPH words and phrases

Job Post: a custom Job posted on the site by a Buyer who wishes to receive custom Proposals from Sellers. Find out more about posting a Job.

 an Hourlie is a small pre-packaged job that can typically be done in a few hours and delivered within a few days. In essence an Hourlie is an ‘Express job’ that is described / posted on the site by the Seller showcasing what it is they can do for you  in a short space of time. Find out more about offering an Hourlie service.

Buyer: a buyer of a service on PPH. Take a look at the Buyer Guide.

Seller: a seller of a service on PPH. Take a look at the Seller Guide.

Proposal: an offer / fee quote made by a Seller to a Buyer for a Job post or for a piece of follow-on work after an Hourlie purchase or a Job. Find out more about submitting proposals.

WorkStream: the message thread between a Buyer and Seller. This is the space used to communicate and also send a proposal, invoice, pay and request a deposit or refund where applicable. 

Escrow: Escrow is a separate account into which Buyers pay money upfront for the work the Seller is doing.  For an Hourlie the money deposited is the full price of the Hourlie, for Jobs, the Seller requests a certain deposit amount to be paid into Escrow before they start work.    This money is held by PeoplePerHour in trust on behalf of the Buyer until they are happy that the Job has been completed and release the funds to the Seller. Find out more about Escrow.

PPH Wallet: the online electronic wallet that holds your money that is available to you to either withdraw at anytime or use as currency to pay for Jobs on the site

Contest: means a time limited Proposal posted by a Buyer via the "Post Contest" form for which Sellers are able to submit multiple public anonymous entries. Seller’s entries are shared and rated by Buyers, Sellers and Guest. The “Winning Entry” is awarded by the Buyer with the Seller receiving the “Contest Prize”.


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