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You can now feature your Profile


Hello Sellers,

We wanted to let you know that there is a new option available to help you promote your Profile, expand your customer base and drive your sales to the next level!

You can now feature your Profile and appear in the – now reserved- first 3 slots in Freelancer Listings for each one of your skills.


How it works

1. You place a bid with the highest daily amount you are willing to spend to promote your Profile as Featured as well as your preferred number of days, as shown below.

Featured Profile bid


2. Every day we select the 3 profiles per skill with the highest bid and make them Featured. These profiles will be pinned on top of Freelancer Listings for each skill and will get a special ribbon.

Featured Profile listings


3. You will also receive some useful information through email like what the average successful bids were for skills for which you didn’t make it to the top 3 as well as how many more clicks your Featured Profile has received compared to the past.


Featured Profiles is a great way for you to gain more visibility and boost your sales. They can be used by pretty much anyone – from seasoned Sellers to those aiming to their first few sales to be qualified.


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