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Submitting Proposals

It’s important that you spend time putting together a good Proposal. It doesn't have to be long, but it needs to fully address the needs of the Buyer. Begin by identifying the key specifics of the Job: deliverables, time frame, and skills required. In the example below, the information you need to provide would be: 

  1. Highlighted experience of proofreading

  2. Any evidence of your knowledge of Wordpress

  3. Whether you are available immediately

Here are some other top tips!

  • Get in quick! Submit your proposal quickly as this can put you at an advantage over other Freelancers. Sign up to receive daily email alerts about new jobs with the saved searches feature. Most Buyers are likely to start reviewing the Proposals in the order they arrive and they might make a decision before they’ve got to the end.
  • Apply for Jobs that match your skills. Sounds obvious but sending Proposals for Jobs that you have the most experience it will give you a good chance of success.
  • Don't be put off by the indicated budgets. The budgets are provided as a guideline but they aren't set in stone.  If you think it is a job you can do well, but the budget indicated is lower than you would normally work for,  then demonstrate your worth to the Buyer in your Proposal.  Often Buyers aren't really sure what budget is reasonable, or they are willing to pay more for top talent.
  • Provide samples of your work.  Where possible provide great examples of your skills relevant to the job by including samples with your Proposal or directing Buyers to your up to date PPH portfolio.
  • Ask questions. If something isn't clear in the Buyer's job description, don’t be afraid to ask for further information via the clarification board, so there is clarity from the beginning. Don't submit a vague Proposal if you don't have enough information. Look at this as an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge.
  • Tailor your Proposal to the Job and the BuyerMost Buyers need to feel confident that you are keen to do their Job, not only that you are the most skilled for the project. Avoid sending generic Proposals and take the time to read the specifics of their Job description and respond directly to every requirement they raise.
  • Price realistically. Most PPH Buyers value quality, speed, and reliability over price. Make sure to price your services that reflect your worth/ skills/ experience. You also need to make sure you price your services correctly to cover your own overheads and make the Job worth your time.
  • Sell yourself...but never over promise. Make sure you add some salesmanship to your Proposal: above all, why should they pick you? But also, make sure that you don't over promise what you can do. If you do win the Job but go on to not meet the expectations set out in your Proposal, it will likely result in an unhappy Buyer, bad feedback review, or a refund, and an adverse impact on your rankings on PPH limiting your ability to win more work. Don't take the risk!
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