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Offers Add-ons

Offer add-ons are a great way for Freelancers to enhance their Offer listings and a super-easy way for Buyers to select additional services as part of the same Offer package.

Add-ons are simply related, optional, extra services that form part of an Offer listing. These are provided by the same Freelancer who created the Offer and they allow Freelancers to offer relevant services in addition to their main Offer offering as part of the same package.

Buyers may choose to purchase these in addition to the main Offer and the purchase will proceed as a single Offer sale in the same WorkStream. Offers Add-ons must be purchased at the same time as the Offer and cannot be added later.

As add-ons are extra work done in addition to the main Offer, they have a fixed price and specified an additional delivery time.

For example, a logo design Offer could offer the following add-on services:

  1. I can offer unlimited revisions for an extra £60 and additional 1 day

  2. I can make your logo 3D for an extra £150 and additional 3 days

The core Offer remains unchanged but the Buyer is free to select the additional services at the point of sale. This is done from the main Offer listing page and the price is automatically recalculated.




Priority Delivery

In addition to custom add-ons, the Freelancer can add the option for priority delivery. For a pre-determined price, the Freelancer is committed to prioritize this service and deliver all the work including the selected add-ons by the specified time.

The priority delivery fee is set by the Freelancer.

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