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Featured Proposals

To help maximise your chances of success you can feature your proposals.



  • Buyers will receive your proposal instantly, before others

Buyers receive daily summary emails of the latest proposals they have received.    If you feature your proposal, the Buyer will be instantly notified by email.   In addition your proposal will be highlighted to the Buyer in their next proposal summary email.

  • Featured proposals stand out

Your featured proposal will appear right at the top of the list of proposals in the Buyer's PPH inbox,  and stand out even more with a special ribbon.

How to feature a proposal

  • When submitting a proposal, you can tick the check box Send as Featured Proposal
  • Alternatively, after submitting a proposal you will have the option to either feature that proposal, and you will also have the opportunity to buy a bulk of featured proposal credits for use on other proposals you may send.

Featured proposal credits

  • One Featured Proposal credit is required in order to mark a proposal as featured. If you select "Send as a Featured Proposal" when submitting a proposal and you don't have any of these credits remaining, you will be prompted to buy more. 
  • Featured proposal credits work in addition to normal proposal credits, so sending a featured proposal will use one standard proposal credit + one Featured Proposal credit.
  • Featured Proposal credits can be purchased individually or in bundles. Prices and bundling options are described here.
  • You can view the number of Featured Proposal credits that you have, and buy more, under your Settings.



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