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Posting Offers

Offers are small pre-packaged jobs that can be delivered for a fixed price within a few days (a maximum of 5 days). In essence, an Offer is an ‘Express job’ which is a great way to showcase your services and attract new Buyers who can try you out on a smaller piece of work. Over 40% of Offers sales lead to larger follow-on work!

Offers aren’t just for "traditional" services such as proofreading or designing logos. You can offer anything you like (within our guidelines!) so if you can teach cake decorating or self-defence why not create an Offer for that! 

Before you post your Offer

Take a good look at the top-selling Offers on PPH to see how those Sellers are marketing their services.  Other than the actual description and images used in their Offers, think about how Freelancers with similar services to you are "packaging" their services in a bitesize Offer form. Remember that Offers are "express" jobs delivered within a maximum of 5 days so don't promise you can "Develop a website" or similar!  

If your services normally require far longer than 5 days then think about what kind of taster package you can offer. A large percentage of Offer sales go on and lead to much larger custom Jobs with Buyers so it is a great way to acquire new Buyers. However, if you really can't market your services in an express job format then Offers are not the right selling channel for you, instead, you can win work on PPH by building a stellar Profile so that Buyers contact you directly for work, and by submitting proposals on Jobs.   

Posting an Offers

  1. Select Post an Offer under the Sell Services menu

  2. Begin by giving your Offer a catchy title that will grab the attention of Buyers and summarises the service you are offering.  

  3. Add a detailed and clear description outlining exactly what the Buyer will receive. Try including a list of all relevant information, for example, the number of revisions, word count, file types/size and mention anything that you require the Buyer to send to you before commencing work.

  4. Don't forget in your description to really sell yourself and highlight your USP (unique selling point). Make it clear to Buyers what is special about your service, for example, your expertise/experience (and make sure your Profile is up to date), your customer service etc.

  5. Upload some good quality, original (avoid stock images) and appropriate images that visually enhance your Offer and illustrates at a glance what service you are offering (where possible use examples of your previous work) and adheres to our Offers posting policies. 

  6. Make sure to specify the maximum number of days you would be able to deliver your Offers service within, once you have received your Buyer's requirements so that buyers have clear expectations when they purchase your Offer.   

  7. When you set your price bear in mind that it must be a fixed price (not per hour) for the delivery of the service and should be inclusive of any tax/ VAT applicable to you.  This price is the total amount that the Buyer will pay for your Offer service upfront as a deposit in Escrow; and when you have delivered your service and raised an invoice the Buyer will confirm releasing this money to you.

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