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In your Payments section of your account you will find statements which provide you with a clear view of all your income (earnings) and expenses (payments, PPH fees etc) for any month including the current month.

With this feature you can:

  • view monthly summaries of total income from services delivered to Buyers, payments made for services purchased and any PPH fees
  • see your net profit or loss for any month
  • get easy access to detailed, itemised information about every completed expense and income
  • save PDF copies of all invoices and credit notes

Statements are shown in whichever currency your profile is set to.

How to view your monthly statement:

1. Log in to your account

2. Click on the user drop-down menu (top right) and select Payments



3. Click on the Statements tab



4. Select which month to view from the drop-down menu. By default you will be taken to the current month.




At the top of each financial statement is a summary for the selected month. This shows totals for all income, PPH Service fees, payments made and other fees.  If you are applicable to pay VAT, this is shown in the middle column.

Below the statement summary is an interactive breakdown of income and expenses, which lists all income and expenses by individual line items.

Only invoices that have been both paid by the Buyer and processed by PPH are included in statements as earnings (if you are the Seller) or Payments (if you are the Buyer).    Funds held in Escrow either as a deposit for a Job or as the payment for an Hourlie will not be reflected in the Monthly Statement until payment is released by invoices being paid and then approved by PPH.


In the Breakdown section, individual items belonging to sub-categories can be shown / hidden by clicking the open_box.png /  close_box.png icons next to the category heading. Clicking the orange links on for the invoices will download a PDF copy of the invoice / credit note.



Earnings -income from paid and approved invoices from Jobs or Hourlies delivered.

Other Income - details of any additional income not from invoices.


Payments -  funds paid when paying a Job or Hourlie invoice.

PPH Service Fee - the fees charged by PPH to the Seller on paid invoices. Find out more about the PPH Service Fee.

Other Fees - fees including bank transaction fees for payments (minimum £0.50 per transaction), withdrawal fees and fees to buy proposal credits.  For more information on our other fees see our T&Cs.

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