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The endorsements feature is a great way to boost your PPH profile by enabling you to get your happy clients from the offline world (or even ex-colleagues or bosses) to recommend you.  This feature is particularly useful if you are a new Seller on PPH that hasn't yet won any work enabling you to add credibility to your PPH profile.

Endorsements will not affect your PPH feedback rating but they will help you win more work by:

  • offering an important source of additional information for potential Buyers reviewing your profile.
  • making your profile standout more to Buyers in the search results because the number of endorsements you have will be displayed.
  • and the more endorsements you have, you will appear in the "Top Endorsers" rankings, plus gain a Top Endorsed badge for your profile if you have 5 or more endorsements.

Get started with endorsements now:

1. Log in to your account

2. Click on the user drop-down menu (top right) and click on the link to your username.


3.  Scroll down to the My activity section of your profile and click endorsement

4.  Click Request Endorsement (or click Get Endorsed if you already have some endorsements)




5. Use our web form to quickly send an email to all those you would like to receive endorsements from

Type a short message to be seen by your previous clients, asking them to recommend and endorse work you have already done.

Enter the email addresses belonging to those you wish to ask to endorse you. Enter multiple email addresses all at the same time; use commas or spaces between each email address.

Click Send Request and an email will be sent directly to all those you have asked for endorsement.


6. Alternatively, click the Share tab and generate a URL (web address) to share with your existing clients and contacts.

Simply send this link to those you wish to endorse you. As you cannot endorse yourself, your own link does not work for you. Don't worry though, it will be visible for everyone else. Alternatively post to social media sites using the Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ buttons.


7.  To make an endorsement, your endorser simply needs to follow the link sent to them and select one or more of the skills you have listed in your profile. They can add some text and then click Endorse.



Shortly after someone leaves a new endorsement for you, we will send you an email to let you know and your new endorsements will appear on your profile, under Endorsements.

To view them:

  • Go to your profile
  • Scroll down to activity and click Endorsements.



In freelancer search results, the number of endorsements is visible next the endorsement icon endorsement_icon.png.

Hover over the endorsement icon for an explanation of how many endorsements the user has. Search results sorted by Top Endorsed will rank the results in descending order.

Freelancers receives a Top Endorsed badge awardsicon.png  when they receive five or more new endorsements. This badge is visible in Search rankings and on their profile page under Awards.

Top Endorsed badges were launched in January 2013 and are only awarded to users who receive more than five new endorsements since launch.




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