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Saved Searches

Searching for jobs is straightforward on PPH and to make it easier we created Saved Searches. This feature allows you to simply store any current search and retrieve the latest results with a single click!

  • Save searches including you keywords and 'Sort by' and applied filters (such as 'Urgent' or 'Categories').
  • Set email notifications of new results for your saved searches.
    • Set to receive these instant ro a daily summary.
  • Manage your saved searches from the jobs search page (on the right panel).
  • You can have up to 10 saved searches so make as many as suitable to cover all the services you can provide.


To create a Saved Search:

  1. Go to the Jobs listing page.
  2. Perform a search as usual; type in any keywords, select result sorts or any filters (including categories / sub-categories or price ranges).
  3. On the right panel under Saved Searches click Save.
  4. Type in the name of the search and select when you want to receive updates (never, daily or instantly)

To edit or delete Saved Searches:
  • Saved searches can be edited or deleted by hovering over the search name on the panel on the right
  • An edit icon (Screen_Shot_2013-02-20_at_14.08.07.png) or delete icon (Screen_Shot_2013-02-20_at_14.08.16.png) appears.
  • Click edit to change the name or email frequency of the saved search
  • Click delete to remove the saved search
  • If you wish to change the specifics of the search (e.g. filter or keywords) 

See how do I unsubscribe from from emails for more detail on how to stop saved search emails.


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