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Job Deposits and minimum Proposal amounts

When submitting a Job proposal, the Seller must specify the required deposit to be paid. The deposit is the amount to be paid into escrow by the Buyer before work is carried out. For fixed priced jobs we recommend setting a deposit at 100% the proposal value for small jobs and 50% for bigger jobs. For Jobs with Hourly rates, the minimum deposit depends on the size of the job (number of hours to work).

In addition,  we require Sellers to submit a minimum proposal value at 80% the job budget indicated by the Buyer. This is to keep the quality of bids in line with the expectation of the buyer.

Fixed price Jobs

Proposal amount Recommended deposit Minimum deposit
£0-40 100% 100%
£40+ 50% 30%

Note: same bands apply regardless of currency (i.e. if proposal is less than £40, $40 or €40, the minimum deposit is 100%)


Jobs with hourly rates

Minimum deposits are dependant on the minimum number of hours needed (selected by the Seller when posting the job and only used for Jobs with an Hourly rate).

No. of hours  Recommended deposit Minimum deposit
1-4 100% 100%
5-10 75% 50%
10+ 50% 25%
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