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Hire Me Widget

The Hire Me Widget is a great way for you to promote your PPH profile online and improve your chance to win work.

It works by embedding an infobox on your own personal website. This provides links to your PPH profile page, an up-to-date feedback rating and links to your selected Hourlies.

The widget is a chunk of HTML code that you can insert directly into your website. If you have access to edit the HTML on your website, you should be able to use the PeoplePerHour widget.

Why get the PPH Hire Me Widget

  • Increase visibility of your PPH Profile page across the web
  • Show off your PPH feedback rating on your own homepage.
  • Embed the Widget on your own website to promote your Hourlies to your existing customers


How to get the Widget

  • Make sure you're logged in to PeoplePerHour
  • Get the HTML code for your personalized widget from the  Hire Me Widget page
  • You can change the orientation (vertical or horizontal) and colour scheme (light or dark)
  • Click customise the widget to further change the size and control which Hourlies are shown (if any)
  • Click the Get the code button to copy the HTML for your personalized widget
  • Paste the HTML code into your own webpage source code
  • Tip: make sure you have Javascript enabled to display the widget correctly


The widget is not designed to be embedded on a Facebook page but can be added to a personal sites where you can alter the HTML. This include sites powered by WordPress and other online tools. You can promote your PPH profile on Facebook (and other social media sites) by following the instructions on this page.

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