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Freelancer Quality - CERT

PPH is a marketplace for professional freelance services, where consistent, top quality and reliable Freelancers are rewarded with greater visibility and opportunities for success. The standard on PPH that defines a top quality Freelancer is represented by the acronym CERT.


This represents how well Freelancers advertise their services and win work, such as:

  • a well written and detailed profile that showcases their skills and experience, including a comprehensive portfolio with samples of their work.

  • if they are able to offer their services in a bite-sized format, offering clearly described and unique Offers, including good quality images, clear details of the service they can provide, well-defined deliverables the Buyer will receive for the price, and also, if relevant, anything that is not included in the price.

  • high success rates with their proposals because they are well written, detailed and compelling, but also realistic. They don't

    over promise

    on the results they can achieve or the timescales they can deliver to.


This represents how successfully Freelancers work on jobs with Buyers, and follow the Rules of Engagement, including:

  • communicating regularly and proactively to keep their Buyers updated on progress.

  • responding quickly (within 1 working day) to their Buyers' questions.

  • delivering on time, always.

  • low rates of cancellation and refunds.


This represents a Freelancer successfully achieving high levels of follow-on work from loyal Buyers.



This represents the amount of credibility and reputation Freelancers have built on PeoplePerHour, such as:

  • a high number of Jobs won/ Offers sold and earnings. 

  • high feedback ratings and comments from their Buyers. This is a key indicator of quality on PPH.

  • endorsements from trusted colleagues and clients outside of PPH. 

  • verified links made to their profiles on external social sites, such as Facebook and LinkedIn as further validation of who they are.


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