Cancellations & Refunds

Before you cancel a job send a message in the WorkStream to the Seller to explain your concerns so that they have opportunity to address them.  Most issues can be sorted out quickly with some simple communication and Sellers on PPH care about keeping their Buyers happy.  If communication with the Seller is not working and you feel they are not sticking to the Rules of Engagement then you can contact PPH Customer Support for assistance to get the job back on track.


Cancelling a Job or Hourlie

If the issues cannot be resolved or if your needs have changed then you can cancel the Job or Hourlie by posting a message to the Seller in the WorkStream.  Make sure you do let them know in the WorkStream so that they stop working, otherwise the Seller will be entitled to invoice you in full.

Once you have posted your message to confirm that you wish to cancel, the Seller will let you know what payment needs to be made given the time they have spent, this may be at minimum the deposit amount in Escrow.  The Seller will raise an invoice to you to complete that payment.



Alternatively, if you are cancelling because the agreed work has not been delivered and therefore you believe that you are entitled to a refund of the money held in the Escrow account you can request a refund by selecting the "Request refund" button in the WorkStream.  

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