Cancellations & Refunds

At PeoplePerHour we believe that most issues can be sorted out quickly with some simple communication between our Buyers and Freelancers.

If communication with your freelancer or client is not working and you feel they are not sticking to the Rules of Engagement then you can contact us for assistance to get the project back on track.

  • Canceling a project or an offer

All refund requests will be processed (manually) by PeoplePerHour. Both sides are informed accordingly; the Buyer through the confirmation message and the Freelancer through the refund request message in Workstream.

Our Freelancers are not able to accept or decline a refund request while we urge them to proceed and leave a comment under the Leave a comment here box in order for our team to review it and come with the outcome. 


After a refund request, we will contact the buyer and freelancers so both get an opportunity to clarify and justify the situations and their actions.

Refunds will be processed within one (1) working day once our Team has taken the time to review.

If you are a Freelancer and wish to issue a refund to your Buyer, make sure you contact our customer support team here, in order for us to better assist you. 

  • Refunds

Alternatively, if you are canceling because the agreed work has not been delivered and therefore you believe that you are entitled to a refund of the money held in the Escrow account you can request a refund by selecting the "Request refund" button in the WorkStream.  


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