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Rules of Engagement

PPH is a marketplace for quality services. So that both parties know what is expected of them and to ensure a successful experience, we've defined the key rules both Sellers and Buyers are expected to adhere to when working together.  

These rules form part of the PPH T&Cs. Bad Sellers and Buyers harm the PPH community.  If you are working with a Buyer or Seller that is not sticking to these rules then please report them to our Customer Support team so that we can provide assistance.  

Here are the Rules of Engagement for Job delivery:

  • Provide clear requirements upfront: on purchase of an Hourlie or acceptance of a proposal, the Buyer must provide all of their requirements upfront in the WorkStream so that the Seller can get started.
  • Be responsive: The Seller must provide regular progress updates and respond within one (1) working day to all messages from the Buyer, in the WorkStream.  Equally the Buyer must respond quickly to questions from the Seller so that the job can be progressed on time.
  • Deliver on time: Sellers must deliver work within the delivery times either defined in their Hourlie, or agreed with the Buyer upfront in the WorkStream for Custom Jobs.  Sellers’ rankings will be penalised for late delivery.
  • Avoid cancellation and refunds: Sellers must fulfill their Jobs and Buyers agree to pay for work delivered. Users will be penalised for cancellations or refunds caused by them (see the refund & cancellation policy).   Sellers must provide, and be given the opportunity by the Buyer to provide, at least two further iterations on the work delivered if the Buyer is not initially satisfied.
  • Payment for Job Done: once the Job has been completed the Seller will raise a request to receive payment, including the release of funds held in the Escrow Account.   Sellers must not request payment upfront before work has been completed.  Buyers must pay within the 7 day payment terms.
  • Pay via PPH: All payments for work completed must go via PPH; attempts to pay outside of PPH will lead to sanctions not limited to immediate account suspension. Users must immediately report to us any offers to pay outside of PPH made by their Buyer or Seller. 


Take a look at our T&Cs to understand these terms in full.

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